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Profesor Juniper

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Profesor Juniper
アララギ博士 Araragi hakase
Profesor Juniper
Płeć Kobieta
Kolor oczu Zielone
Kolor włosów Jasno brązowe
Miasto Nuvema Town
Region Unova
Krewni Cedric Juniper (ojciec, gry i animé)
Klasa Profesor
Generacja V
Gry Black i White
Debiut w anime W cieniu Zekroma!
Angielski głos Khristine Hvam
Japoński głos Naomi Shindo
Polski głos -

Profesor Aurea Juniper (jap. アララギ博士 Araragi hakase) jest Profesorem Pokémon z regionu Unova. Specjalizuje się w początkujących Pokémonach. Jest pierwszym głównym Profesorem Pokémon, który jest kobietą.

Spis treści

W grach

Profesor Juniper pojawia się w Black i White , gdzie podobnie jak inni Profesorowie, daje graczowi Pokédex w swoim laboratorium. Jednak paczka zawierająca startery dla gracza Bianci i Cherena znajduje sie w domu gracza .

Ona również pokazuje graczowi jak złapać pierwszego Pokémona. Łapie Patrata na poziomie 2, za pomocą jej Minccino, która jest na poziomie 7. Jej dobrą przyjaciółką jest Fennel

W trakcie gry, jeżeli gracz odwiedzi ją w laboratorium Profesor Juniper daje trzy różne TM'y w żależność od tego ile gracz widział Pokémonów. Są to TM54 (False Swipe), TM17 (Ochrona) i TM10 (Hidden Power).


W Black i White

Podczas samouczka dot. łapania Pokémonów
Wygląd Informacje
Profesor Juniper sprite back.png Profesor Juniper Droga nr.1 (Unova)
572.png Typy:
504.png Typy:
Minccino Lv.7 Item:
Patrat Lv.2 Item:
Ataki Ataki
Grom Ryk Chytre Spojrzenie


Juniperanimacja.gif Profesor Juniper sprite back.png Profesor Juniper sprite.png Profesor Juniper Xtranceiver.png
Podczas wprowadzania do
Pokémon Black i White
Pokémon Black i White
Sprite z
Pokémon Black i White
Podczas rozmowy przez Xtranceiver
Pokémon Black i White


Pokémon Black i White

W Nuvema Town
"Hi there! I've been waiting for you young people! Let me introduce myself again. My name is..." "Come, come, Cheren! This is not a time to take things lightly. Today is a day to remember always, so it's best to behave with some formality. That being so, once again, my name is Professor Juniper, and I am researching when and how the creatures called Pokémon came into existence. Oh, that's unusual! You've already had a Pokémon battle! So maybe that's why... It feels as though your Pokémon have already begun to trust you! By the way, would you like to give your Pokémon a nickname?"
Yes: "Uh-huh, I see. Are you OK with the nickname <nickname>?"
Yes: "<nickname> is its name. That is such a great name!"
No: "You aren't planning to use a nickname? Well, that's fine, too."
"As for why I gave all of you Pokémon..."
"I am astonished. Nice work, Cheren! You have already studied Pokémon extensively, haven't you? Still, let me explain everything from the beginning, for everyone's sake. The Pokédex is a high-tech device that automatically records the Pokémon you encounter! So, I want you three to visit many places and meet all of the Pokémon in the Unova region! This is my request. <player>! Cheren! Bianca! You'll go on an adventure to complete the Pokédex, will you not?"
No: "Here is what I need from you! What I want to hear are the courageous words of people who will blaze new paths around the world! I want you three to travel to many distant places and meet all of the Pokémon in the Unova region!"
"All of you, thanks! You have given me the best possible answer!"
"Next, I need to teach you how to meet Pokémon. Please meet me at Route 1, OK?"
Na Drodze 1
"Now that everyone's here, I'll explain. The Pokédex's pages update automatically whenever you meet a Pokémon! Moreover, it's set up so that you obtain even more information when you catch a Pokémon! To make this clear, I'm going to demonstrate how to catch a Pokémon!"
"Did you see that, just now? Here's how it goes, step by step. First, reduce the Pokémon's HP! Pokémon that still have all of their energy are difficult to catch. If you can, use your Pokémon's moves to make the Pokémon you want to catch fall asleep. Or paralyze it! And to wrap this up in the best way, I have a gift for you- some Poké Balls!"
"Poké Balls are used for catching Pokémon and for carrying the Pokémon you catch! I'm going on ahead. I'll be waiting for you in Accumula Town!"
"Hello! How is everybody doing? You and your Pokémon are getting along great now, right?"
"Right now, I'm in front of Accumula Town's Pokémon Center! I'd like to show you around, so hurry on over, everyone!"
"OK! See you!"
W Accumula Town
"Ah, <player>! There you are! Traveling with your Pokémon is truly one of the joys of being a Trainer! Please follow me. I'd like to show you the most important place for a Trainer to know!"
"This is a Pokémon Center! Don't you feel better as soon as you step through the door? OK, let's start your tour!"
"A Pokémon Center is a truly incredible place! Do you know why? Because your Pokémon can be healed! And, what's more, it's absolutely free! A Pokémon Center is a Trainer's best friend! Here, <player>, give it a try."
"You should be talking to the lady at the counter, not to me..."
"Hey, <player>. Where are you off to? Humor me and talk to the lady at the counter. Let her take your Pokémon."
"OK. Now that your Pokémon have rested, I'll show you how to use the PC at a Pokémon Center. This is the PC. It's free for any Trainer to use. You can store Pokémon in your PC Boxes or select Pokémon stored in your PC Boxes to take along with you. In addition, if you catch a new Pokémon while you have six Pokémon traveling with you, the Pokémon you just caught is sent automatically to the PC network! Suprising, isn't it? Amazing, even. Here's something else that's cool. If you select my PC, I'll evaluate the progress you've made on your Pokédex!"
"Very good, Bianca. That's a great observation! Good question, and I'd like to say more, but for now, just ignore that and go ahead and use the PC. "Someone" is the person who made the Pokémon Storage System. ...Someone I'm sure you'll meet someday! OK, let's move on!" "Now, this is the Poké Mart. This is the place to buy useful items and sell the ones you don't need anymore! That gentleman over there will help you with a smile! So, let's wrap this up. I've given you the basics of being a Trainer! I'm going to head back to Nuvema Town. One final thing... When you get to Striaton City, go and meet an inventor named Fennel. She's a friend of mine from long ago, and I'm sure she'll help you on your way! Best of luck! I hope that your journeys prove to be the adventure of a lifetime!"
Na Drodze 4 (Xtransceiver)
"Hello there! <player>, do you have a second?"
"I called Bianca too, but I guess she didn't hear the call. I wonder what she's caught up in. Well, I suppose I'll just have to call her again later. OK! I'll be waiting for you two in front of the gate to Nimbasa City!"
W Nimbasa Gate
"Hello, <player>!"
"Elesa called and was asking me all about Electric-type Pokémon, and I thought about you guys. That's why I wanted to see you. Ta-da! Freebies for you! Here, Cheren! You, too, <player>."
"If you see a Pokémon that you want to have join you, be sure to use a good type of Poké Ball. Because this could be the first and last time you see that Pokémon! I know it might seem strange for me to say this, since I'm the one who asked you to complete the Pokédex, but please, remember to enjoy your journey! Of course, I'm not saying you can just neglect the Pokédex. But you know that! Now, if you'll please excuse me, I have to go meet Bianca."
W Chargestone Cave
"Hi there! How are you, <player>? This place is always charged with lots of electricity that Pokémon like! The electric charges react from one stone to another, and that's why some of the stones are floating! But not all of the stones can be pushed. My father asked me to research Klink, which is a Pokémon that looks like a gear, because I'm researching the origins of Pokémon and the era they appeared. He knows how to get what he wants from people, but I was already interested in this anyway, so it's a lot of fun! Oh yeah! <player>, this is for you!"
"Giving that Lucky Egg to a Pokémon to hold increases the amount of Exp. Points received in battle by a lot! Having strong Pokémon will make it easier to fill your Pokédex pages!"
"Hi there! Did you find something? I think we're just about done collecting data. This cave has been around since the distant past. but... Data to prove that Klink existed more than a hundred years ago can't be found. So that must mean... Klink suddenly appeared a hundred years ago! Where Pokémon came from and where they are going... If we can learn that, I believe we can get along even better!"
"Bianca, you have good ears. I can't believe you heard <player>'s voice from that far away. <player>, who is this Trainer?"
"Oh, my. Looks like you're not my biggest fan. Your opinion is understandable. It happens to be different from mine, which is equally understandable. How about if all people get to decide for themselves how to relate to Pokémon?"
"Well, I didn't expect him to change his mind right away. But I hope he'll spend a little time trying to understand how others feel. Now, then... I think I'll go collect a little more data. For Pokémon and people to get along better, we need to take steps to learn more about them!"
W Relic Castle

"<player>! <player>!! Hello? <player>!! Oh! You picked up! Hey, <player>. Come to the museum in Nacrene City immediately! Right away, got it? I mean right now!"

  • Przy wejściu
"Hi there, <player>! I heard about these Pokémon statues, and I came to look into their origins! I've learned that each of these Pokémon statues is actually a real Pokémon! It's called Darmanitan. It's sleeping, so it's become like a stone. When I quickly measured how long they've existed... It was amazing! Around 2,500 years! Seems like they went to sleep that long ago. That means they've been here since before this place was in ruins, when the Relic Castle was flourishing. Perhaps they were guarding the city. These Pokémon... They are either in a state of hibernation or meditation, so if you wake them, they will become active once again. And the item that wakes up Darmanitan is actually...this RageCandyBar! That's why I will share one with you, too, <player>!" "Well, I'm headed back to the Pokémon Research Lab. Be seeing you!"
W Nacrene City
"Alder told me what's going on. <player>, you got caught up in something serious, it seems..."
"...I looked into that."
"That's right! Opelucid City's Drayden might know something!"
"I'm going to head back to the lab and do some research... I'll see if I can uncover what kinds of being these legendary Dragon-type Pokémon are and if there is any way to awaken them..."
W Opelucid City
"...Hello! Was Drayden as tough as ever?B/How was Iris doing?W Oh, I came to report on how to resurrect the legendary ReshiramB/ZekromW. I thought it would be better to tell you in person than over the Xtransceiver. And as for the conclusion... Well, I haven't figured it out yet. I'm sure the Pokémon will wake up when it deems someone worthy. More importantly, aren't you amazing! You have all eight of Unova's Gym Badges now, right? You've become so strong! You probably don't even know it, but you've changed a lot since you left Nuvema Town. Well then, I'll show you where such a strong Trainer should head next!"
"Pass through that gate, go down Route 10, and you'll arrive at the Badge Check Gates! Once you get through Victory Road, which is past the gates, you're finally at the Pokémon League! Oh, that just made me think of when I was showing you around the Pokémon Center in Accumula Town. <player>? Do you regret setting out on your Pokémon journey?"
Yes: "Oh! That's OK, don't worry! You don't have to tell me everything. But I'm very happy that you three chose to train Pokémon! Because they create chances to meet more wonderful people and Pokémon!"
No: "Thanks! That's the greatest answer you could give! I was really happy to be able to give you three those Pokémon as a present! Because Pokémon create chances to meet more wonderful people and Pokémon!"
"<Player>, this is a present for you!"
"This Master Ball is the most powerful kind of Poké Ball. It can catch any Pokémon without fail. This is the only way I can support you, except to say... Be true to yourself. No matter what happens, stay strong and keep going with your Pokémon! See you!"

W animé

Pr. Juniper

Profesor Juniper pierwszy raz pojawia się w odcinku W cieniu Zekroma! gdzie spotyka starego przyjaciela Profesora Oak'a. Daje Ashowi , Deli i Profesorowi Oak'owi przejacheć się swoim jeepem do jej laboratorium tak, aby mogła zbadać Pikachu Asha. Potem pokazuje Ashowi i Tripowi Startery Pokémon i daje początkującemu trenerowi jego pierwszego Pokémona.

Ash później powraca do laboratorium prof. Juniper po stwierdzeniu, że Pikachu Asha stracił energii elektryczną przez Zekroma. Później burza przybywa ponownie, ale tym razem oddaje elektryczność Pikachu , a Ash wyrusza w podróż po regionie Unova następnego dnia.

Pojaiwa się ponownie w Sandile w natarciu!, gdzie wysyłana Poké Ball Oshawotta do Asha. W Minccino-Czyścioszek! okazało się, że wysyała Biancę, żeby dała Ashowi pudełko na odznaki. Potem rozmawia z Ashem przez Xtransceiver Bianci. Ash wysłał jej swoją Pidove w odcinku Sewaddle i Burgh w Bezkresnym Lesie! aby zrobić miejsce dla swojego nowo złapanego Sewaddle. W odcinku Zagubiony świat Gothitelle! Ash znowu u niej wymieniał swoje Pokémony.

W odcinku Stampede Venipede! rozmyśla o problemie z rojem Venipedów w Castelia City czy to ma coś wspólnego z podziemiemiami. Ash, Iris i Cilan spotkają się z Profesor Juniper i pozostanawiają zbadać niezwykłą aktywność spowodowaną przez Zespół R na Desert Resort.

Ona pojawiła się ponownie w Archeops we Współczesnym Świecie!, gdzie nagrywa moment ożywiena Archena. Mówi także bohaterom, że to Lenora znalazła jego skamielinę.

Profesor Juniper pojawił się ponownie w Emocjonująca Wymienna Ewolucja!, gdzie wymieniła swojego Karrablast za Shelmeta Bianci, aby oba Pokémony ewoluuowały. Aby pomóc Biance w dogadywaniu się ze swoim nowym Escavalier, Profesor Juniper zasugerował, że one stoczą bitwę z Ashem i Cilan, którzy do walki użyli Boldore i Crustle, którzy niedawno ewoluowali. Chociaż Accelgor Profesor Juniper i Escavalier Bianci zdołały nauczyć się współpracy i ostatecznie pokonać Boldore to później obaj zostali pokonani przez Głazodziało Crustle.


Przy sobie

Shelmet → Accelgor
Shelmet → Accelgor Professor Juniper

Shelmet → Accelgor Professor Juniper
Professor Juniper zdobyła Accelgora, gdy wymieniła się z Biancą za Karrablasta, a ten ewoluował.
Debiut Ataki
Emocjonująca Wymienna Ewolucja! Toksyna
Kula Energii
Szybki Atak
Hiper Promień


Karrablast Professor Juniper Karrablast był pokemonem Profesor Juniper, do czasu, gdy nie wymieniła się z nim z Biancą
Debiut Ataki
Emocjonująca Wymienna Ewolucja! Dziobanie


Snivy Profesor Juniper Snivy jest jedną ze starterów Pokémon z regionu Unova. Profesor Juniper daje je początkującym trenerom. Jedna z nich pojawiła się w odcinku W cieniu Zekroma! , gdzie pokazała się Ashowi i Tripowi. Została ona wybrana przez Tripa jako jego starter.
Debiut Ataki
W cieniu Zekroma!

Tepig Profesor Juniper Tepig jest jednym ze starterów Pokémon z regionu Unova. Profesor Juniper daje je początkującym trenerom. Jeden z nich pojawił się w odcinku W cieniu Zekroma! , gdzie pokazała się Ashowi i Tripowi.
Debiut Ataki
W cieniu Zekroma!

Oshawott Profesor Juniper Oshawott jest jednym ze starterów Pokémon z regionu Unova. Profesor Juniper daje je początkującym trenerom. Jeden z nich pojawił się w odcinku W cieniu Zekroma! , gdzie pokazała się Ashowi i Tripowi. Choć starał się wykorzystać swoją bystrość, Trip wybrał Snivy. Zyskał on uczucie do Asha po tym jak on nazwał go słodkim, a także obserwował bitwę pomiędzy Ashem i Tripem przed powrotem. W Sandile w natarciu! dołączył do zespołu Asha.
Debiut Ataki
W cieniu Zekroma!

Trenerzy którzy wybrali jednego z jej starterów
Snivy wybrali:
Trip Snivy.png
Oshawott wybrali:
Oshawott Asha.png
Tepiga wybrali:
Nonomi Tepig.png

W labolatorium

W obiegu

To pokemony, które Ash wymienia z profesor Juniper jako szóstego pokemona (poza wyjątkiem, w którym Ash miał i Unfezant i Boldore).
Ash Unfezant.png

Pidove → Tranquill → Unfezant


Ash Leavanny.png

Sewaddle → Swadloon → Leavanny


Ash Palpitoad.png



Ash Boldore.png

Roggenrola → Boldore


Ash Krookodile.png

Krokorok → Krookodile


W mandze

W Pokémon Adventures manga

Profesor Juniper w mandze

Chociaż dopiero zaczyna, Profesor Juniper pojawił się już w pierwszym rozdziale Black & White rozdziały z Pokémon Adventures , gdzie pokazała z trzey startery, oraz rozmawiała z Fennel przez telefon, o tym że jutro troje dzieci z Nuvema Town wyruszy w swoją pierwszą podróż. Ona też powiedziała, że ​​jest nadzieja, ich trenerzy będą w stanie sobie z nimi radzić, po zniszczeniu jej biura w walce ze sobą. Z tych trzech Starterów, Tepig znalazł się u Black, a Cheren i Bianca otrzymali Snivy i Oshawott. Ona też dała im trzy Pokedexy , ale przez wypadke pozostałe dwa z nich połamały się, i jak dotąd Pokedex Black to jedyny Pokedex, który nadal działa.


Minccino Profesor Juniper manga.png Minccino był wykorzystywany do demonstracja łapania Pokémonów podczas, gdy Black, Bianca i Cheren wyruszali w podróż.
Teipg Black Adventures.png Black wybrał tego Tepiga jako startera w mieście Nuvema Town. Jego przydomek to Tep (jap.ポカPoka). Żar
Płomienny Ładunek
Snivy Cherena Adventures.png Bianca dała Snivy Cherenowi po onejrzeniu trzech starterów Unova. Akcja
Oshawott Bianca Adventures.png Bianca wybrała Oshawotta po tym jak Black wybrał Tepig i przed daniem Snivy Cherenowi. Ostra Muszla, Akcja
Wodna Broń


  • Imię każdego profesora w wersji angielskiej pochodzi od nazwy drzewa. W tym wypadku od jałowca (ang. Juniper).
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